why sleep is important

On average, people sleep a third of their lives. Sometimes this seems like a waste of your time, but it certainly isn’t!
You need sleep for your physical and mental recovery. Physically, all kinds of processes take place: organs recover, such as muscle recovery. Your brain desperately needs the total rest to process all the impressions and information you have gained. Deep sleep is the most important phase of your sleep cycle. When you are awakened in this phase, you often feel completely disoriented.

Healthy and pregnant

sleep and fertility

Studies have been done on sleep and fertility. The conclusion that can be drawn is the following:
Women with an irregular sleep pattern take longer to get pregnant than women with a regular sleep pattern. This was discovered by researchers at Washington University in St. Louis. A comment from a gynecologist on the study: “The list of no smoking, no alcohol and healthier eating is often discussed, but we don’t give enough attention to the importance of sleep when it comes to fertility problems.” Hopefully this will soon change with research results like this.

sleep is also good for the man

A study done by the University of Miami, in which nearly 3,000 men participated, came up with very clear results.

A man’s testosterone level drops for every hour of sleep missed! Testosterone is an important hormone for male fertility. This study was the first to be able to show a direct link between sleep and drop in hormone levels. In addition to smoking, drinking and obesity, too little sleep has now been added to the list of environmental factors that negatively affect testosterone levels.

It is nice that the researchers have examined male fertility. After all, very little attention is paid to the contribution men can make to increasing the chances of a good pregnancy. In this case: Men, get more sleep!


Sleep is a very important part of life, and it affects your chances of pregnancy.

Our society rewards us for for effort, not for relaxation. Often we have to be busy with everything from early in the morning until late at night. As a result, we have less and less time for relaxation.
This way of life leads to high brain activity. People who sleep badly have higher brain activity during the day and at night than people who sleep well. Take regular rest during the day and just do nothing before going to bed.

Good sleep combined with physical and mental relaxation throughout the day is important for your health and fertility.