what is a healthy lifestyle

Ensure a “healthy lifestyle” is something you often hear people say and read about everywhere. But what is it really, what is meant by it?

A healthy lifestyle consists of six important components; nutrition, exercise, sleep, social, relaxation and meaning.

All with the goal of increasing your chances of pregnancy.

But how do you do that….


Healthy Eating

Yes, it’s still a cliché: eating healthy is important. There’s a reason it’s so often told, written, filmed, posted and you name it.

By eating healthy and varied you are and stay healthy. And all this of course to give your child a good start! Also consider orthomolecular nutrition, which focuses specifically on food that does its work at the cellular level.


Relaxation is different for everyone. Some like to choose to crawl away in a good book and others go outside for a walk. Also think about your mindset; stay positive, even if it’s hard sometimes.

Good sleep is very important! Some need 8 hours of sleep and some need 10 hours. Give in to it!

How about a nice massage. Just a moment for yourself. But also think about the effect of a massage!

Yoga is also a great way to find your relaxation and especially your balance!

There are several ways to find your moment of relaxation.