Lifestyle and orthomolecular

what is lifestyle

Ensure a “healthy lifestyle” is something you often hear people say and read everywhere. But what is it really, what is meant by it?

A healthy lifestyle consists of six important components; nutrition, exercise, sleep, social, relaxation and meaning.

These six components together have a major impact on your physical and mental health.

All with the aim of increasing your chances of pregnancy. 

What is orthomolecular

The Greek word ‘Orthos’ means right or healthy and ‘Molecular’ is a clue to the structure of molecules. Together, these two become ‘right molecules’.

Body cells cannot function without the right amount of nutrients. The most important nutrients are:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals ( such as magnesium and potassium)
  • Trace elements ( iodine and iron)
  • Fatty acids (e.g., omega 3 fatty acids)
  • Amino acids (e.g., tryptophan and tyrosine)
  • Bioactive substances (e.g. probiotics and various herbs)

Lifestyle and orthomolecular

These 2 concepts complement each other. A healthy lifestyle makes for a healthy body.

Our current way of life (unhealthy food, a lot of sitting and stress) causes our immune system to be activated very quickly. This rapid activation causes what is known as low-grade inflammation and the consequences of this can cause various disturbances in the body (for example, insulin resistance, cortisol release, and so on.) These conditions are responsible for other diseases such as type 1 diabetes, chronic fatigue, stomach disorders, gynecological disorders, and depression, among others.